10 reasons why Christians should not vote for Donald Trump

Posted by PeteEnns on January 29, 2016 in Bible and culture/current events politics 30 Comments

trump1. Trump is crazy.*

2. Trump is completely crazy.#

3. Trump is cray cray.@

4. Why are we even discussing this?

5. Sweet Jesus, do something.

6. Just look at his eyes, people. His eyes.

7. Dear God, are you there? It’s me, Pete.

8. I watch him talk and I’m like, “Whoa, no way. Seriously?”

9. Won’t anyone think of the children?

10. Folks, you can find Bible verses for practically anything, and so I’m sure you can find one where God is clearly telling you to not vote for Trump. I suggest something in Revelation 12 or 19.

*Google “Donald Trump” and watch any video.
#Google “Donald Trump” and watch any video.
@Google “Donald Trump” and watch any video.

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  • As I read your rationale, I’m reminded of Luther’s take on the 10 Commandments: If you really get the first one down, the rest are unnecessary–Trump is crazy really says it all.

  • Dr. Enns scholarship and insight again has come to the forefront. As in his blockbuster best sellers, The Bible Tells Me So and that other one about the Bible, Dr. Enns explores the nuanced subtlety needed to accurately develop foundational beliefs regarding responsible political action. All other editorials from the New York Times, Washington Post, and the Des Moines Daily Shopper can cease. THIS comprehensive article clearly states the definitive reason why ANYONE should not vote for the Donald.

  • Peter, use your influence and put a stop to this madness. Seriously. How are we even talking about this????

  • Yeah, Donald Trump scares me too but so does Hilliary Clinton. When are you going to analyse her christian beliefs Dr Enns or is that asking too much becuase she is Democratic?? Where do you stand on abortion Dr Enns?? Can you point me to any of your writings please??

    • Hmmm, ‘pro-life’ comes at a cost. It should be from ‘cradle to grave’ but it’s not. Many that support Trump are ‘pro-life’ and wiggled and giggled with glee when he said “i will bomb the shit out of them!” So, you see my conundrum with. Pro-life comes at a cost, life or death?

      • This is one of the things that drives me the craziest about the “pro-life” professionals, as I like to think of them. They are way too often, especially among this wing(nut) part of the USamerican body politic. Sacred until born, then their on their own.

        Pro-life, pro-war, and against universal health care in a country that has many of the worst health care statistics in the developed world.

        And of course lately, they’re doing everything they can to defund and completely put out of business Planned Parenthood, the ONLY source of heath care for millions of mothers and babies in this country.

        I just don’t get it.

      • Jefferson and Michael: for the record, I can’t stand Trump either. I’d like to say what follows with proper respect to both of you:

        “Therefore, killing the unborn should be legal.” You seem to be implying that, but it doesn’t logically follow from anything you said, true or untrue. If you think pro-lifers are hypocrites, why don’t you strive to be the first consistently pro-life person? Or do you also think only some life is sacred? If you think killing adults is wrong, why stop there? Just because you think others are hypocrites doesn’t mean you have to be.

        Pro-choice individuals often put out the argument “we know that fetus’s aren’t really people” as a sort of afterthought (or not at all). It’s left implied, in the background. That’s probably because that claim can’t stand up to scrutiny. (It’s superstitious to think that cutting an umbilical cord brings a baby to life, like turning a switch.) But ultimately, that question is the one that really matters in this issue. If fetuses are not babies, of course abortion could be legal; but if they are babies, no decent person could sit idly by while they are killed — “women’s healthcare” not withstanding.

        As a pro-lifer, I can tell you that although, like everyone, I am human and sinful, my desire to see abortion gone from the world comes does not come from some perverse urge to hurt women. Perhaps for some it does, but honestly it’s hard to understand why anyone would want to! I’m sure you feel the same. No, it comes from a desire and obligation to help what I see (correctly, I’ve become confident) as little unborn babies. Why does being anti-war and pro-universal-healthcare mean you can’t join me in this goal? I ask this sincerely.

        • “It’s superstitious to think that cutting an umbilical cord brings a baby to life, like turning a switch.” Well said Daniel. Why do we let the world con us into thinking that life only starts then. Yes I understand that is the line drawn by legislation, “the law” but who are we really kidding. Where are all the voices of Democrat Christians & the Republicans for that matter which allows this taking of life. Does America really think it will not be judged for the blood of 53 million & counting babies. Perhaps that is all a bit too deep for a theological blog??

          Expose this lie Dr Enns. “Do it for for the Children” Dr Enns & for the country!!

    • Not being American I do find some of these fine issues a bit hard to decipher. If you are anti-abortion does that make you good, without sin and a good friend of God?, whereas if you have some qualms and accept it to various levels you are a devil-worshipping people eating demon? Over here it doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference.

      Although we often get it wrong we try to select our political leaders on a broad range of matters, not that they are any less cynical or useless than American politicians.

      • To answer your first two (baiting?) questions, yes and still too many. And often these people pray. A lot. And think they hear from the Holy Spirit. A lot. A they think they believe and do his wife. A lot. And that those against them are listening to the Devil.

        But take some solace in the fact that a lot of us fellow Americans find them often to be nutters at the core.

        • Gary, you are sort of right about the baiting(ish) questions, it was Saturday, so a late red-wine night.

          My personal view is currently that it seems a bit of a simplistic way of selecting the most powerful political leader in the World by whether or not they are for or agin’ abortion. It seems another reduction of a complex matter to binary “black or white” thinking. I think I was trying to make that comment to the OP due to his trying to call out Herr Enns on his views on the matter.

          I’m not altogether sure where I stand on the abortion matter, much more conservative than many and more liberal than many others. Many of us are neither for or against abortion each and every case has its own merits and demerits.

  • I just purchased a ‘t’shirt that says “I fear Donald Trump more than Muslims” I bought it from a Muslim FB friend’s site. I don’t generally watch faux news anymore, but I did watch Bill ORiely’s interview with Trump. Trying to get him to reconsider his decision to face that very scary little blond woman on the debates. He wouldn’t do it. Sat their with a “spoiled, pouty, wa-wa whoa is me being attacked by a meany little blond woman look” Where my fear comes into all of this, is many of my southern secular friends love this guy! Oh Jesus help us if he becomes president and Putin comments on his hair as being a dead varmint! WW3 over a hair-doo. :(

  • This gave me a good laugh. Thanks. I needed it! I can’t believe how angry my family members (all Republican) get when I post anything in favor of President Obama. They just HATE him. It really scares and frustrates me that they so unreasonably support Trump and HATE President Obama. I have backed off posting political things to everyone I know who disagrees with me…I marked people as acquaintances who disagree with my politics, and only post to “friends”. But people get really irritated with me for posting “too much” political stuff. I have gotten on people’e nerves. It’s a touchy subject I can see. And my perfectly reasonable (questionable) sister in law is the most vocal supporter of crazy Trump, Palin etc and hater of all things Democrat. It has put quite a chasm between us. What should I do???? I posted this recent anti trump thing and she responded with, “It’s better than the current president.” WHAAAAA??????? Then I get mad.

    • Martha, I thought the right’s opposition to Clinton was bad, but that pales in comparison to how they feel about President Obama. By orders of magnitude.

      I really do hate to say this because its REALLY complicated, but in fact, it IS about race. To paraphrase our good host from just a few days ago, its ALWAYS about race. And, of course, politics as well.

      That doesn’t mean that everyone who dislikes President Obama–and hey, that includes lots of my family and friends as well–hates him, or is a racist. But honest political exegesis–which is not always easy to find–reveals that the people who are behind the media war that segments of the right in this country have waged against Barack Obama since before he was inaugurated the first time use sometimes thinly veiled racist words and phrases and use arguments against him that have been used against black leaders in USAmerica for over a century. And because its done so well–give the right going all the way back to William F. Buckley credit where credit is due–many of the people who dislike or hate the president don’t even realize that’s what they’re responding to.

      We will never be “one nation” until we as a people face up to our past, admit that we have a problem, and then work really hard to get better.

      I really do hate to put it that way.

      To paraphrase the inimitable Donald Rumsfeld, you have to go with the history you have, not the history you wish you had.

  • Did anyone watch the brief dialogue that Anderson Cooper had last night with Glenn Beck about tRump? I can’t stand GB, but I was duly impressed when he slammed the D and called him a dangerous narcissist. I would have never thought it coming from a dyed-in-the-wool Repug.

    • Accurate as the assessment may be, it is because Beck has thrown in with the Christian dominionist crowd (David Barton, Robert Morris, and some New Apostolic Reformation folks) and is backing Ted Cruz.
      Glenn Beck calling somebody a dangerous narcissist brings to mind the words pot, kettle, and black.

  • If one believes in the US-led empire, then supporting Trump makes sense. It really has little to do with being a Republican (many of Trump’s supporters are nominal Democrats), but a lot to do with finding a candidate who seems right for the role of Caesar.

    So with Trump we would get a President who not only kills Muslims and destroys Islamic nations, but one who has the honesty to treat Islam and Muslims as enemies. With that clarity of thought, maybe the USA would end its 70-year losing streak and win a war again.

    Obama has done the great straddle, pillaging Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen while mouthing the platitudes of restraint. Is it so strange that some people want a President who is all-in?

  • “Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite.” And a new one, “Every God gets a people in his image.” Or if it’s more appreciable worded the other way, “Every people gets a God in its image.”

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