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B4NP Podcast (The only God-ordained podcast on the internet) is finally here!

Posted by PeteEnns on March 16, 2017 in B4NP podcast announcements 19 Comments

I’m very excited to announce the official launch of The Bible for Normal People Podcast! Pete, this is indeed exciting news—more than my wedding or birth of my child—but where can I find this podcast of yours? Thanks for asking! Those of you who prefer the Apple ecosystem can go to iTunes. You can also find the podcast at Google Play

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today’s the day!

Posted by PeteEnns on April 5, 2016 in The Sin of Certainty announcements 6 Comments

Today is the official release of The Sin of Certainty. A few bloggers have already posted reviews, and so far I am humbled and gratified by the responses. Here’s one by Dan Wilkinson at Unfundamentalist Christians, another by The Imperfect Pastor, and one more Faith Meets World. And, in the Providence of God, as my Calvinist friends would put it,

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