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Fear Leads to Anger: Unpacking Theological Belligerence

Posted by PeteEnns on October 29, 2011 in Christian faith and life defending the faith No Comments

My point: Belligerence in theological discussions is a reaction to a deep fear—typically unperceived—that one’s metanarrative is under threat. Let me put that in English: People fight about their views of God because they are afraid of the consequences of being wrong. Being wrong about God is fearful because it destabilizes their way of looking at the universe and

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Why It’s Good to Doubt God

Posted by PeteEnns on October 25, 2011 in Christian faith and life doubt 124 Comments

About a year ago, I posted on my old website a lecture I gave at Asuza Pacific University on the role of doubt in the Christian life. Below is a greatly abbreviated version (half the length) of that lecture that cleans up some of the “oral” feel of the original lecture. Based on feedback I’ve received over

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