Jared Byas

Good Christian Sex

Posted by Jared Byas on September 27, 2016 in book notes and reviews Jared Byas 13 Comments

by Jared Byas My wife was very curious when she glanced over at my nightstand a few weeks ago to see Good Christian Sex across the spine of a book I’d recently been sent to review. That was some interesting conversation for sure. But as someone who used to teach Ethics at a Christian university,

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Prophetic Optimism

Posted by Jared Byas on June 24, 2016 in biblical theology Jared Byas 7 Comments

by Jared Byas In the midst of Christian radio taglines that equate Christian with positive thinking and speakers that subtly question the faith of anyone who acknowledges that life really just sucks sometimes, I would like to share what I’ve learned from the Jeremiah tradition about optimism. Lesson #1: Optimism isn’t ignoring how sad and

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Wolves, Gates, & Radical Faith

Posted by Jared Byas on April 6, 2016 in interviews Jared Byas

The first time Mark Van Steenwyk and I (Jared) met, I was picking him and a group of mutual friends up from a Conference in Phoenix, where I was living and teaching at the time. Our destination: the closest karaoke bar we could find. Our mission: sing our hearts out to the 7 locals that

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How Much God Loves Change

Posted by Jared Byas on March 18, 2016 in Jared Byas 8 Comments

This is a 3 Part Story Part 1: How Much I Hate Change. I have control issues. And when you like to be in control, you don’t like change. Why? Because when you change things on me, it’s harder for me to make sure I know everything. And knowledge is power. My wife is supremely

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Christianity & the Grotesque

Posted by Jared Byas on February 12, 2016 in interviews Jared Byas 2 Comments

by Jared Byas Meet Nancy Hightower. I met Nancy, a writer with a Ph.D. in English from the University of Denver, several years ago now. She was leaving her position at a college in Colorado to write and teach in NYC. I was very interested in her take on creativity, Christianity, and her interest in

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Posted by Jared Byas on December 23, 2015 in Christian faith and life Jared Byas 2 Comments

As we rush around this week trying to get everything done so we can relax and enjoy ourselves, I’m always reminded of this story. It was 10:02am on a Monday morning and with pen and notepad in hand, I was flat out running. There was about a football field’s length of parking lot between our

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