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Paul, Adam, and Salvation: maybe Augustine really did screw everything up and we should just move on

Posted by PeteEnns on December 5, 2016 in Christianity and evolution New Testament 47 Comments

I just caught a 2015 article scrolling down my Facebook feed by Orthodox theologian (and walking thesaurus) David Bentley Hart. The article is called “Traditio Deformis,” and in it Hart explains in no uncertain terms, and with his usual wit and punch, that St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430) really screwed up our understanding of the story of the “fall” of

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Pete’s Bible Trivia Bonanza #6 (in which I explain that Christ isn’t Jesus’s last name, no matter how angry you are)

Posted by PeteEnns on November 15, 2016 in New Testament Pete’s Bible Trivia Bonanza 13 Comments

Did you know that Christ isn’t Jesus’s last name? OK, folks, let’s get something straight. Christ is not Jesus’s last name. Even if you’re angry, his last name still isn’t Christ, and his middle initial most definitely isn’t H. Christ is the Greek word (christos) we find 529 times in the New Testament and it

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Why we should make a really, really big deal about Jesus’s humanity: short interview with J. R. Daniel Kirk on his new book

Posted by PeteEnns on September 12, 2016 in book notes and reviews New Testament 27 Comments

Today’s post a short interview is with J. R. Daniel Kirk, author of the recently published A Man Attested by God (Eerdmans, 2016). Now, despite what you might conclude from the book’s cover, AMABG is NOT Kirk’s autobiography (haha, read the title slowly and chuckle along with me for a moment). The book, rather, is a study of

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