4 thoughts on the anti-Christian “prayer and benediction” at the RNC 2016 (or, Christianity 101 for politicians)

Posted by PeteEnns on July 19, 2016 in Bible and culture/current events politics 53 Comments

I did not watch the RNC opening yesterday. I was way behind rearranging the kitchen cupboards and reorganizing my socks and underwear drawer, and knew if I didn’t get those done my life would be complete chaos. I also think the Republican party has lost its mind and I have enough crazy in my life without adding

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what is it with evangelicals and politics?

Posted by PeteEnns on November 5, 2015 in Evangelicalism politics 51 Comments

I blog, with great fear and trembling, on politics every so often, a couple of times year maybe, when it intersects with matters of the Bible or Christian faith that I feel strongly about. And each time before pressing “publish” I ask myself, “Do you really want to do this? Don’t you remember last time?” But I do

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dear politicians: if you claim the Christian God as your own, here’s your benchmark

Posted by PeteEnns on June 1, 2015 in politics 76 Comments

Christianity has fallen on hard times in popular western culture. I get it. Christians are known more for what they are against and for having perfected culture war tactics–and the grotesquely fearful and hateful versions of Christianity peddled by ambitious politicians doesn’t help the Christian image one bit. There is plenty of bad press out there about

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